[P00212] Soap Bubble Machine

[P00211] Secret Plug Safe Box 

[P00210] Television clock with remote controller. 9.4*8.4*7.7cm 

[P00208] Aztec Stone Calander

[P00207] Magnet Mud


[P00113] UV pen for anu kind of secret

[P00114] Rope wine holder

[P00115] Anti-poison respirator

[P00116] 10 color dices. For doing a puzzle , number combination with color

[P00111] Star map fluorescence

[P00112] Chinese magic cube

[P00110] Smoke machine

[P00097] Big nose. You can design a puzzle that when press the big nose it will have water drop. There is a box that connect with our water prop so it can control a light, door etc. 

[P00098]Gun clock

[P00096] Use it any thing can become your keyboard.

[P00095] Periodic table of chemical element. 600mm*350mm*3mm

[P00074] Floating photo frame

[P00073] Wooden clock when you touch it it will show time and date. If not it just looks like a wood.

[P00072] Ghost bank.You can set up a puzzle that when player give ghost money you open a drawer by remote controller that seems ghost open it.


[P00061] Dual purpose torch. White light and UV light. It is essential for game place.

[P00045] Director board clock

[P00044] Helmet clock when you touch it it will show time.

[P00036] Up and down lamp clock. When you touch it it will show time and the lamp will be up.

[P00035] Bicycle machinery clock. Vintage and fashion combine.


[P00201] Snow powder it can be used with our water prop. 100g   

[P00200] Chewing gun magnet 4 pieces

[P00052] Salt Lamp, For hide puzzle.

[P00053] Jelly Fish Lamp, for game decoration

[P00138]  Puzzle ring


[P00136]  Mini heater and Refrigerator.

Can use with our temperature prop 


[P00134] 007 Gun Projector, Clock and Alarm. 

[P00134] When scrape the surface

can see and read under the painting


[P00107] Alphabet tags. You can write a blackmail letter by it.

[P00108] Magic mirror. When you close to the mirror it will turn to be a photo.A3  Also you can customize the size.

[P00063] Logo laser light. You can customize any pattern

[P00106] Mini speaker

[P00101] Led light tap. Bloody water tap.

[P00102] Potato clock

[P00088] Steel vintage picture

[P00087] Vintage METAL box

[P00085] Wood vintage painting. If your order over 50 painting we can customize for you.

Price: 15 USD

[P00091] Vintage suitcase

[P00090] Vintage sewing machine

[P00089] Smart wrist.

[P00086] Tripod camera 

[P00066] Fake jewelry. It is good for box filling. You can use with our box prop.Even you can put clues with them together.

[P00067] 100 Fluorescence stones

[P00069] Finger plate.

[P00068] Real copper cash 

[P00070] Crystal 200g

[P00051] Lotus flower light 

[P00030] Magic IQ box

[P00170] Vintage wooden box 16cm*12cm*10.5cm

[P00018] vintage  box (13.5cm*12.5cm*33.5cm)

[P00169] Vintage box

[B000115] Hexagonal socket key  lock.

[B000105] Horizontal copper lock. 

[B000063]40 mm Magnet lock if you order over 100 pieces we can print what even you want on the lock.

[B000031]Master lock Mini combination lock.

​[B000021]Colorful 4/5 alphabets /numbers padlock.

​Price: 4 alphabets

5 alphabets

[B000011]The Da Vinci code bottle.

[P00130]Mirror use with laser light. It can reflect more light.

[P00128]Color skull 

[P00129] Count down board (remote)

[P00126] Rice crave necklace 

[P00127] Puzzle key

[P00121] Fake bloody hand ,leg 

[P00094] Mini microscope 100x 

[P00093] Glove light. Real-life escape room game always need torch and it will be your other choice of torch. Cool style.

[P00092] Fluorescence tape. It can make your game room amazing. If you order over 50 tapes you can customize pattern for you.

5cm*2 meters     

7.5cm*2 meters 

10cm* 2 meters 

[P00071] Chargeable bottle light creative light

[P00065] 100 Pirate money fake golden coin 

[P00055] Thought dynamics light. No need electricity

[P00054] Jellyfish light fluorescence  16cm*10cm

Price: 140 CNY

[P00052] Nixie light. When you use your finger to touch it the light will follow your finger. 8 inches voice contorl.

[P00043] Pot timer, UFO timer. If you set up a puzzle about chemical experiment and need exact time. Than you need a timer.

[P00041] Mirror clock fashion style

[P00024] Fake rock key box.

[P00023] Mini safe box saving pot

[P0020] Book safe box. Put them with real books together it is good to hide clues for game.

Small (18*11.5*5.5) 

Middle( 24*15.5*5.5) 

Big ( 26.5*20*6.5)  

[B000073]40mm The key is a metal bar. You can use your imagine. Maybe you can use a metal chopstick to open the lock.Have 3 color red blue and coppery.

[B000051]Direction lock.

​[B000062]Cutaway inside view open chamber lock. It seems it was cut by someone. It helps to create horror atmosphere.

Interesting items for Games

[P00122] Magic leaf

[P00123] Emergency box.

Hide some clue, puzzle

[P00124] Flash writing fan (usb set up) Can write any message

[P00125] Emergency saving box

[P00118] Aladdin wonderful lamp. You can use with our Aladdin lamp prop.

[P00119] Crystal ball. You can see the upside down picture through it. 

[P00120] Horror magic mirror. When you close to the mirror it will show a ghost and horror voice.

[P00117] Key decoration

[P00103] Maze saving pot. You can put some clues inside and player need to play the maze to get the clues.

[P00100]  Morse code coin.

[P00099] A set of telegram. More code can make your game more challenging and fun. 

[P00080] 3D wood picture.

[P00079] Weather forecast bottle

[P00078] Cube photo frame

[P00077] Bloody hand mug .It can use with our water prop.

[P00076] Floating globe 6 inches

[P00064] Wine bottle lamp. Solar energy. You can let players take into dark room and it will bright.

[P00048] Magic bar. When you swing it it will show the writing. You can set up with USB any word, number, etc..

Price: 12 USD

[P00034] Omelette clock. If your game theme is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that will be your choice. You can use with our clock prop.

[P00033] Individual machinery clock. It will be good decoration for game place.

[P00022] Fake switch box. Good disguise for game.


[B000094]Vintage copper lock Chinese traditional style.

[B000041]Copper alphabet lock with key.

How to make your game more close to real life? How to make your game more diversified? How to find some accessory for your game? We can do that for you. We believe in, you can find what you want in our shop. Also you can tell us your game theme we can recommend to you some smart idea. We  offer not only interesting but also relevant items for your game. 

[P00134] Wallpaper light.

[P00133] Book light. 

[P00132] Magic Puzzle Wood box. 

[P00131] 60kg electromagnet lock

[P00084] Old fashion camera

[P00083] Vintage phone 

[P00059] Ocean light .It can create an ocean atmosphere.

[P00060] Projector light. We can customize for you. 

[P00058] Laser light for game place with support.

[P00057] Electricity sandalwood candle and lotus flower light. 

[P00056] Ice light water sensor light .When put in water it will bright.

[P00047] Water pipe metal creative clock.

[P00046] Water pipe vintage light. 


[P00040] Out of shape clock. 

peculiar clock

[P00039] Energy pillar nixie clock 

[P00037] LED lattice clock

[P00029] Fake clock box. Good disguise to hide clues.


[P00031] Machinery wheel gear clock. It is fit for any game place. 

[P00032] Projector clock. You can use with any our prop to control the clock.When players trigger the prop it will show time on the wall and the time can be the password.

[P00028] Master lock box 

[P00027] Safe box with voice prompt. It can roll money inside automatically. You can set up a puzzle that let player put right money inside than a drawer will open.

[P00019]Egypt box

[P000147] 12V electricity mortise lock. When connect power it will open.

[P000137] 60 kg electromagnet lock. It is fit for drawer , cabinet door, etc.

[P000126] The eight diagram lock bottle. You can hide some clues inside.

[B000084]Wine bottle combination lock. Good idea for put puzzle to bottle.

[P00205] Different countries and organ.  paper money customized. 

[P00204] Different countries and organization  coins customized. 

[P00203] Aquitaine sundial Ring .Player play in game place without phone they can know the about time and it can be a clue for your puzzle.

[P00202] 50 years  Perpetual calendar. When you set up a puzzle for the date player can check by it.

[P00082] Old fashion radio model 

[P00081] Vintage fan

[P00063] Solar energy jar lamp. It can absorb solar energy at day and it will bright at light.

[P00062] It is a elf jar. When it feels a sound it will flash gradually,Which like an elf running all the time.

[P00053] Crystal salt light.

Price:100 CNY

[P00049] Maglev. 

[P00050] 10000mw laser torch with 5 star light head for changing.

[P00042] Automatic page turning clock.

[P00038] Nixie clock with fancy light.

[P00026] Safe box with key and password. Size: 31cm*21.5*20cm 3 colors

[P00025] Empty lighter, battery. It is good for hiding clues.

[P00158] Vintage box. A set includes small size (21cm* 13.8cm* 16cm inside) middle size(28.3cm*17cm* 20cm inside) big size(37.8cm*21.2cm*26cm inside)