With over 3 years experience we designed many Game Places with our Scenarios (Theme s) and Puzzles.

If you interested in , New Ideas, Puzzles Set , Scenarios and 3D Room design, please not hesitate to contact with us. 

​We are doing live escape game Design, supplier for a whole game. We have game game packages.

​We create customized deals for any deal:

​1. One Room

2. Two Rooms

3. Three and more Rooms

4. Layout and 3D design (CAD Drawing)

5. Complate set design (games and the necessary technical needs)

6. All puzzles, riddles, props and details.

All kind of Scenarios (Themes )

Designers of the Live Room Escape game had this in mind when they sat down to put this brilliant idea to paper. For that reason, the outcome is nothing less of a masterpiece, thought-provoking yet lots of fun- just the best way to describe the game.

It all shows in the comments you meet while navigating our site. Lots of frenzy and satisfied customers keep encouraging others to come and enjoy this very rare experience. Currently, people from a handful of Country Cities including  Budapest, Greece, Istanbul, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Bern not leaving out Sydney and Tokyo and more over can all testify to the wonders of this game. 

The first live escape game designer in Asia, has gotten lots of people queuing simply to have a taste of it. The one-hour brain-bursting team building room escape game is very attractive and amazing.

With a low investment why you not have a try for it?