Energy Bar Prop

Moving Laser Prop

4 Weight Prop

Magnet Wireless Prop

Laser Harp Prop

Static Prop

Floor Step Prop

2 Light Prop with Motion Sensors

Password Bomb Prop

7 Bottles Prop

6 Color Buttons Prop

5 Books Prop

Laser Harp Prop

Telegram Prop

Dice Prop

6 Touch Pro

Rope Prop

Track Prop

Wheel Spin Prop

Metal Prop work with Push rob

Compass Prop control push rob

Heartbeat Prop

New Weight Prop

New Phone Horrror Prop

Robbery Prop

Compass Prop

Globe Prop

Blow Prop

Memory Prop

5 Metal Prop

12 Shoot Prop


6 Keys Prop

Maze Buzzwire Prop

Satan Prop

4 IC Card Prop

Writing  Prop

Bomb Prop

Collection Prop

Dolll Prop

Morse Code Flashlight Prop

Some prop sample Videos

Water Prop

Hold Hand Prop

Flashlight Prop

2 Touch Prop

4 Candels Prop

Coin Prop

Music Button Prop

Rudder Prop

Radio Prop

Buzz Wire Prop

Morse Code Prop

5 Light In Order Prop

Tangram Prop

All Props need set up and hide behind  poster, wall, wood, glass etc surfaces ...  

IC Label Laser Prop

12 Touch Magic Ring Prop

IC Label Prop

Laser Maze Prop

16 Memory Light Prop

Energy Prop

Temperature  Prop

Moving Prop

Human sence music Prop